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Yoko Ishida (石田燿子) provides the opening theme Connect Link for upcoming anime OVA Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol. 1 Saint Trond no Raimei. The song will be released as Yoko Ishida’s 19th single and comes on one edition scheduled for release September 24th 2014. Read on for more details and trailer for the OVA episode featuring OP Connect Link

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Aimer (エメ) is getting ready to release (EP) single Dareka, Umi wo (誰か、海を。) and revealed the full track list which includes songs in collaboration with Abe Mao, Yuuki Ozaki from Galileo Galilei, and Nagano Ryo from APOGEE. Plus main coupling track Hakuchuumu (白昼夢) gets tie-up as theme song for a TV Asahi game show. All this in addition to the title song, written by Yoko Kanno, featured as the ending theme for anime Terror in Resonance (Zankyo no Terror). Extend play single Dareka, Umi wo hits stores September 3rd 2014 – all the details and preview audio video for coupling track Hakuchuumu follows…

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Sasaki Sayaka (佐咲紗花) announced her 10th single (untitled) with tie-up as the ending theme for upcoming anime GARO Hono no Kokuin. Sasaki Sayaka tweeted she wrote the lyrics for the title song and recently finished recording. The single comes on two editions scheduled for release on October 29th 2014 – read on for more early details and anime preview…

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Ray and Nagi Yanagi combined single Kisetsu no Shutter / point at infinity has unveiled the jacket cover, full track list, and bonus details. The songs are featured as the the opening and ending themes for anime OVA Ano Natsu de Matteru Special Edition. The OP/ED single and anime Blu-ray box-set that includes the OVA episode both hit stores August 29th 2014 – updated details follow…

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Minako Kotobuki (寿美菜子) announced her 2nd album Tick! The album includes singles Prism, pretty fever, and most recent Believe x plus new song Music Star and more for 12 total tracks (planned). Album Tick comes on two editions and scheduled to release on her 23rd birthday September 17th 2014 – read on for more details…

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