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STYLE FIVE gets ready to release single FUTURE FISH and recently revealed the full track list and audio previews. The single has tie-up as the ending theme for the second season of anime Free! (Free! – Eternal Summer) and performed by the five lead voice actors. Single FUTURE FISH releases August 6th 2014 – details and audio preview follow…

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The Sketchbook gets ready to release single We Will Survive and unveiled the jacket covers and music video. Their 10th single has tie-up as the second ending theme for kids anime Gaist Crusher plus coupling track YELL ~ Haruka Kimi e ~ is the ending theme for Fuji BS show Birth of the cool. Single We Will Survive hits stores August 27th 2014 – updated details and MV follows…

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Tia provides the second ending theme for anime Captain Earth with her 3rd single The Glory Days. The single is produced by ryo (supercell) and comes on two editions scheduled for release on September 17th 2014 – read on for more details and audio preview…

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ZAQ revealed more details and preview music video for single OVERDRIVER. She writes, composes, and performs her 6th single with tie-up as the ending theme for anime RAIL WARS!. Single OVERDRIVER comes on two editions hitting stores August 20th 2014 – more details and PV follow….

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Kalafina revealed more details for single heavenly blue – jacket cover, full track list, and bonus unveiled. Their 15th single has tie-up as the opening theme for anime Aldnoah.ZERO. Single heavenly blue comes on one Limited Pressing version releasing August 6th 2014 – more details and preview follows…

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