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Oricon_thumb2SMAP tops the singles charts with “Boku no Hanbun”, their 13th consecutive number 1 single. Second spot goes to L’Arc~en~Ciel and their 39th single “CHASE” which is also featured as the theme song for the movie “Wild 7.” Acid Black Cherry hits the number 3 spot with their 4th release of a 5 consecutive release project, “CRISIS.”

On the album charts FUNKY MONKEY BABYS newest “FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 4” easily took top honors. In the 2nd-5th spots are 4 best-of albums from Ketsumeishi which were released simultaneously. No other artist has filled 4 of the top 5 spots at the same time on the album charts.

Complete top 10 single and album charts follow,

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Acid Black Cherry is getting ready to release “CRISIS,” their 4th single of their 5-consecutive month single release project. Leader yasu’s new look is out now (see above) and the single will be released on December 21st. Check out the short preview video and see if the song fits the previously described “intense and heart-felt rock song”. Video courtesy of Acid Black Cherry’s official YouTube channel, plus the jacket covers + track details follow,

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