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Topping the singles charts this week is the debut single from HKT48 – “Suki! Suki! Skip!” – selling over 250,000 copies. The Fukuoka based sister group of AKB48 formed in 2011 and follows other sister groups SKE48 and NMB48 which previously have released debut singles.

In the #2 spot is Korean girl group T-ARA with their 6th Japanese single “Bunny Style!” and in the #6 spot is Aimer with “RE: I AM EP” with tie-in as theme song for anime OVA Mobile Suit Gundam UC Unicorn episode 6.

On the album charts band BOOWY tops with their great hits album “THE BEST STORY”. In the #3 spot is favorite Kalafina with their 4th album “Consolation”. In the #10 spot is the anime K-ON! MUSIC HISTORY’S BOX which is a 12-CD 258 song compilation release.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow.

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Oricon_thumb2SMAP tops the singles charts with “Boku no Hanbun”, their 13th consecutive number 1 single. Second spot goes to L’Arc~en~Ciel and their 39th single “CHASE” which is also featured as the theme song for the movie “Wild 7.” Acid Black Cherry hits the number 3 spot with their 4th release of a 5 consecutive release project, “CRISIS.”

On the album charts FUNKY MONKEY BABYS newest “FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 4” easily took top honors. In the 2nd-5th spots are 4 best-of albums from Ketsumeishi which were released simultaneously. No other artist has filled 4 of the top 5 spots at the same time on the album charts.

Complete top 10 single and album charts follow,

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Over on their YouTube channel Alice Nine has posted part of the full music video for their upcoming single “Niji no Yuki” (Snow Rainbow). This single is set for a December 21st release and described as a Winter Ballad makes it Alice Nine’s first ballad single. The title track “Niji no Yuki” is also going to be featured as the theme for TBS weekly music program “CDTV” through the month of December. Check out the single details and video,

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