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Topping the singles chart is KANJANI8 with King of Otoko! selling over 352,000 copies. Its their 25th single and 3rd of a 3-month consecutive release plan. Perhaps the lure of bonuses for purchasing all 3 singles in the plan pulled their 24th single Hibiki into the #9 spot and 23rd single Kokoro Sora Moyo into #11.

Anime tied releases – #10 is Jigoku no Sata mo Kimishidai the opening theme for Hozuki no Reitetsu and sung by many of the anime voice cast. In #12 spot is singer and voice actor Mamoru Miyano with 10th single NEW ORDER with tie-up as theme song for anime Wooser’s Hand-to-Mouth Life: Awakening Arc, and in #19 is nano with her 4th single Born to be featured as ending theme for anime Magical Warfare.

The album chart is topped by Sexy Zone with their 2nd album Sexy Second selling 121,000 copies. Just back in the #2 spot is longtime group Yuzu with 12th album Shin Sekai selling 113,000 copies. In the #4 spot is Leo Ieiri with her 2nd album “a boy”.

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On top of the singles charts is KANJANI8 with their 23rd single Kokoro Sora Moyo ( ココロ空モヨウ) selling over 192,000 copies. The single has tie-up as theme song for Fuji TV drama Yorozu Uranaidokoro Onmyoya e Yokoso staring member Ryo Nishikido and Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48).

In the #3 spot is popular Korean vocal group SHINee with their 9th Japanese single “3 2 1” selling over 67,000 copies. Climbing into the #4 spot is Hello! Project idol group Juice=Juice that continues their surge in popularity with their 4th single Ijiwarushinaide Dakishimeteyo / Hajimete wo Keiken Chu selling nearly 40,000 copies.

Just out of the top 10 in the #16 spot is singer and voice actress Ayana Taketatsu with her 4th single Shumatsu Cinderella.

Topping the album charts is Kinki Kids with their 13th album “L album” selling over 136,000 copies. The longtime popular duo of Koichi Domoto and Tsuyoshi Domoto released their first album back in 1997.

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A jam-packed singles chart is topped this week by the Southern All Stars with single “Peace to Highlight” selling over 207,000 copies. In the #2 spot is Jin Akanishi with single “Hey What’s Up” and in the #4 spot is Acid Black Cherry with their first single of 2013 “Greed Greed Greed”.

Several idol groups dropped new singles and more popular groups had new releases on this chart. With good sales but pushed out of the top 10 are Kana Nishino with her 21st single “Namida Iro” in the #14 spot and in the #15 spot is LiSA with her single “träumerei”.

The album charts this week are again topped by rock band MAXIMUM THE HORMONE with their 6th album “Yoshu Fukushu”. Only a couple of new releases on the chart including Korean vocal group T-ARA with 2nd Japanese album “TREASURE BOX”.

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The singles charts are topped this week by Kis-My-Ft2 with single “Ki Su U Ma I ~ KISS YOUR MIND ~ / S.O.S. (Smile On Smile)” with over 214,000 copies sold. It’s the boy group’s 7th single and 7th #1.

Landing in the next four spots are Korean groups – #2 is KARA with “Bye Bye Happy Days!”, #3 is Choshinsei with “Da Ki Shi Me Ta I”, #4 is BOYFRIEND with “Hitomi no Melody”, and #5 goes to FTISLAND with “You Are My Life

Topping the album charts is Kis-My-Ft2 with their second album “Good Ikuze!” selling over 222,000 copies.  In the #2 spot is Funky Monkey Babys with their best hits album “LAST BEST” with over 168,000 sold. Sliding into the #6 spot is singer/voice actress/songwriter Maaya Sakamoto with album “Singer Songwriter” featuring songs she wrote and produced in collaboration with Shin Kono and Zentaro Watanbe.

*Kis-My-Ft2’s special DVD release also topped the DVD charts making a sweep of the major weekly Oricon charts. It’s the 3rd time the feat has been accomplished by a single group/artist – Ayumi Hamasaki (Oct 2000), KAT-TUN (April 2006).

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Choshinsei (Supernova) has announced a greatest hits album “COLLECTIONS”. The release comes on two CDs with the first disk containing fan selected 15 tracks (tentative) and disk two containing a member solo song collection featuring 6 new songs. The album comes on two editions with one being a very limited (2000) version via the Universal Music Store. “COLLECTIONS” is scheduled for release on December 19th – read on for more details…

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This week’s singles charts are topped by SKE48 with their single “Kiss Datte Hidarikiki” selling a very strong 511,000 copies. It’s the AKB48 sister group’s 6th #1 single in a row and their highest selling opening week selling single. The ‘48’s are just getting stronger…will Japan ever have a shortage of idols?

Also landing on the singles charts in duo Porno Graffitti and their single “Kage Boushi” in the #3 spot and Korean group 2NE1 with their newest Japanese single “I LOVE YOU” in the #5 spot.

Over on the album charts its Superfly with her 4th album “Force” showing that she is a force selling 119,000 copies. In a close second is a simultaneous release by SKE48 of their first album “Konohi no Chime wo Wasurenai” selling 110,000 copies.

Also landing on the album charts is fictional band EGOIST from anime Guilty Crown – lead by talented new composer ryo who also leads supercell – the album “Extra Terrestrial Biological Entities” made it into the #9 spot in a very tight top 10.

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The singles charts are topped by another record-setting single by mega-idol group AKB48 and their 27th single “Gingham Check”. The single sold over 1 million copies giving them another record of eight 1 million+ selling singles in a row, nine overall, and 14 #1 singles in a row.

The second spot goes to rock band UVERworld with “THE OVER” selling 61,000 copies. Korean boy idol group B1A4 with their 2nd Japanese single “Oyasumi Good Night” lands in the 4th spot with over 35,000 copies sold.

The album charts are topped by Korean rock band CNBLUE and their 1st Japanese album “CODE NAME BLUE” selling over 45,000 copies. After holding the top spot for 2 weeks AKB48 drops down to the #2 spot with their 4th album release “1830m” selling another 40,000 copies.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow…

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Choshinsei (Supernova) has updated the release information for their new Japanese single “She’s Gone”. Cover jackets have been revealed and the title track will have tie-up as ending theme for TV Asahi’s show “Oh! Doyagao Summit” beginning August 9th. “She’s Gone” is comes in four editions and is set for release on August 29th. Updated release details follow…

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Choshinsei (Supernova) has announced a new Japanese single “She’s Gone”. This is the group’s second single after a bit of a two-year release hiatus as a group while the members were focused on solo projects and TV drama acting. Their new single is offered in three editions and is set for release on August 29th. Release details follow…

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OriconAnother monster chart topping single from mega-idol group AKB48 – “Manatsu no Sounds good!” – selling over 1.6 million copies – making it their biggest first week selling single and likely it will be their biggest all-time! The group has seven 1 million+ selling singles in a row (eight overall) to go along with a streak of 13 #1’s charting singles in a row.

On the album charts Mr. Children, for the 3rd week in a row, retains the top spot with compilation album “Mr. Children 2005-2010 MACRO” selling another 74,000 copies. Bumping Mr. Children’s other compilation album from the second spot which it had held for two weeks is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and her first album “Pamyu Pamyu Revolution” selling over 71,000 copies. And the 3rd spot goes to ““Mr. Children 2001-2005 MICRO” selling another 67,190.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow,

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Korean group Choshinsei (Supernova) has updated the details on the now titled “Stupid Love / COME BACK TO ME” their come-back single and the first in nearly two years. We previously released early details on the single here. The single now a double-A side has track “Stupid Love” which is also released a their new Korean single and is a powerful dance song. The second A-side song “COME BACK TO ME” is an original Japanese song and featured as ending theme of TV Tokyo drama ‘Koisuru Maison ~Rainbow Rose~’ and staring member Geonil. Single is set for release on May 23rd – more details follow,

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