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In the Puzzle of God, Kaito and Raetsel must travel through their pasts and alter them. However, they must be careful not to let the puzzle consume them. If it does, they could spend all eternity wandering the Time Maze!

The Puzzle of God begins tomorrow! Kaito and Raetsel are both eager to face the puzzle, but one of them seems ready and one of them doesn’t. Raetsel has a blast partying the night away with the girls.

Orpheus shows Kaito, Nonoha and Freecell what altering the past could entail. He promises that this power will be theirs if they become Phi-Brains and offer their bodies to him for a short period of time. Will they submit to temptation…?

Orpheus has been resurrected! He wants to become the perfect Phi-Brain, even at the cost of mankind. But first, he needs a new vessel. He offers Jin’s life in exchange for the life of a Phi-Brain, but will anyone take the bait?

Nonoha and Kaito break the truth to Raetsel, both about Jin as well as about Enigma. But will that be enough to finally win her over? If Raetsel decides she doesn’t want to share Jin, there’s only one way to duke things out… with puzzles!