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This week’s singles charts saw three big single releases but in the end it was another #1 for Arashi with “Face Down” (release details) selling over 520,000 copies. Typical strong sales for this mega group that’s only matched by a few others these days. In a strong second spot was NMB48 with “Nagiichi”  (release details) their first single not to chart #1. They sold over 375,000 copies, more than either of their #1 charting previous three did but coming out the same week as Arashi was bad luck for the idol group. Rounding out the top 3 is SUPER JUNIOR and their Japanese single “Opera” (release details) with a solid 160,000 copies sold.

May’n and her new single “Chase the world” – (release details) – featured as opening theme for anime ACCEL WORLD charted a respectable 7th and selling close to 17,000 copies.

On the album charts Mr. Children tops the first two spots with simultaneous release of greatest hits albums, “Mr. Children 2005-2010 MACRO” and “Mr. Children 2001-2005 MICRO” selling a super strong over 700,000 copies each!! Nothing else….

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow,

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Korean group SUPER JUNIOR is prepping their new Japanese single “Opera” for release on May 9th and they recently revealed the cover jackets and a long preview music video. We previously posted early release details and a teaser length music video, now details are updated. This single will come in 11 different editions – 9 being individual member jacket covers that form a puzzle. The updated release details, cover jackets, and preview music video follows,

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SUPER JUNIOR’s new single “Opera” is scheduled for release on May 9th and they have just exposed a teaser preview video via the avex Official YouTube channel. The single will be the Korean group’s third Japanese single release and first of 2012. Details on the release were previously posted here – check them out. This single will come in 11 different editions – 9 being individual member jacket covers that form a puzzle. The teaser video follows,

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SUPER JUNIOR has announced their third Japanese single “Opera” which is the Japanese version of this original Korean release. The single will also include an original Japanese song “Way” and the Korean version of “Opera” is added to the CD versions. Release date is set for May 9th 2012. Details on the single are still limited but what is known follows,

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