ORANGE RANGE have just made their debut under their own label as the “Zombie Matsuri Sisters” with their download and rental only single “Utourusanu”, that they are now heading towards their new album release “orcd” in October.

However, prior to this they will release another single and EP simultaneously on September 22nd.

Like the previous release, the single “Ya-Ya-Ya-” will include three songs of the new album “orcd” and will only be available via TSUTAYA CD rental. The EP “ordl” will be released through iTunes and only and will include seven songs all together. Among those songs there will be “Koi no Merry-go-round” and “Utourusanu -SONPUB remix-” as tracks limited to that collection only

Release Date: 2010/9/22
*Rental Only
1. Ya-Ya-Ya-
2. Koi no Merry-go-round
3. Utourusanu -SONPUB remix-

EP [ordl]
Release Date 2010/9/22
* Download Only
1. Konya wa tonight
2. Imasugu My way
3. Ya-Ya-Ya-
4. Kaze Tomorasu
5. Koi no Merry-go-round
6. giga palooza
7. Utourusanu -SONPUB remix-

Source – MJP

Posted by Comtrya Sugoi!