The “China-Japan-Korea Music Festival” held performances September 25th at Beijing National Stadium (the Bird’s Nest) that featured EXILE and their sister group Happiness representing Japan, f(x) representing Korea, and Seishun Bishoujo representing China. The event sponsored by the Chinese Government was held to commemorate the 40 years of friendship between China and Japan, and the 20 years of friendship between China and Korea, serving as a culture exchange between the three countries.

The first Japanese artist to perform at the event also known as “Tori no Su”, EXILE performed 3 songs in front of approximately 40,000 people.

EXILE members charmed with their speeches to the audience, KENCHI, who’s been studying Chinese everyday for two years, greeted, “We were waiting for this day to come.” The crowd broke into loud cheers as he bowed his head and said, “Since the earthquake occurred, China has been helping Japan. We are very grateful.”


Happiness took the stage and member MAYU greeted the audience saying, “I am happy to perform in Beijing.” They sang a total of two songs, and showed their energy by singing the chorus of their new song “WISH” in Chinese.

During the finale, Happiness took the stage with Chinese unit Seishun Bishoujo and Korean group f(x). They each sang “Hotaru no Hikari” or “Auld Lang Syne” in their own languages, and finished the song in Chinese.

Source + Photos: Sanspo