Lisa Halim will release a new single “Soredemo Kimi wo Aishiteta feat. Sunya” digitally via Chaku-Uta on July 4th. The song is the 3rd of a trilogy of love ballads by Lisa Halim in collaboration with other noted artists. A preview music video featuring the song has also been exposed. A few more details on the single, download link, and preview video follow.

Lisa is half Indonesian x half Japanese and debuted in 2007 with a mini-album. She had several single releases in 2007-2008 and since 2009 she has written songs in collaboration with artists such as KG, LGYankees, and Clench & Blistah.

The second song of the love ballad trilogy was “Itsumademo..feat. Maiko Nakamura” released March 28th – details and preview video were previously reported here. The first song was “Ai no Kotoba ga Ori Tsumoru feat. meajyu” it was released digitally back on November 2011.

Lisa HalimSoredemo Kimi wo Aishiteta feat. Sunya – digital delivery beginning July 4th via Chaku-Uta

Lisa HalimSoredemo Kimi wo Aishiteta feat. Sunya at Rekochoku (Chaku-Uta)

Lisa Halim Official website