Negicco announced their 2nd full length album Rice & Snow recently at release event for their 15th single! They revealed the full track list that includes 12th – 15th singles, coupling tracks, plus new songs for 13 total tracks. Album Rice & Snow comes on one CD-only edition hitting stores January 20th 2015. Details and PVs follow.

Most recently Niigata based idol unit Negicco released 15th single Hikari no Spur (光のシュプール) on December 2nd 2014. The single features cover art and music video shot at Artic Circle locations in Finland including Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi (more details). The single landed at #1 when it released on December 2nd and finished week at #5 on the Oricon charts giving Negicco their most successful single.

Their new album also includes 14th single Sunshine Nihonkai (2014.07.22), 13th single Triple! WONDERLAND (2014.04.16), and 12th single Tokimeki no Headliner (2013.11.06).

Members Kaede, Nao☆, and Megu celebrated their 10th anniversary of activities as Negicco with 1st full length album Melody Palette releasing July 17th 2013. Now in their 11th year Negicco’s activities remain strong and they are having a great rise is popularity!


They have upcoming live events at LIQUIDROOM (Tokyo) that includes a solo-live. Ticket information at their website (link below),

– January 24th 2015 4:00pm NEGI FES 2015 with Negicco / Shiggy Jr. / skirt / Orland
– January 25th 2015 4:00pm Road of Negiiiiii ~Negicco One Man Show~ 2015 Winter

Album Rice & Snow comes on one CD-only edition. Members wrote the lyrics for track Arigato no Present.

Watch members react to the news their latest single Hikari no Spur landed at #5 on the weekly Oricon charts plus the full music video for single both after the release details.

NegiccoRice & Snow – release date January 20th 2015

Regular [CD] (¥2800)
2. Tokimeki no Headliner 
3. 1000% no Kataomoi feat. Tomoko Ikeda (Shiggy Jr.)
4. Cream Soda Love
lyrics: Nao☆

5. Sunshine Nihonkai
6. Hadashi no Rainbow
7. Niri no Yugi
8. Pajama Party Night
10. Space Nekojaracy
11. Jiyuni
12. Hikari no Spur
13. Arigato no Present
lyrics: Negicco






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