NMB48 revealed their new album and it features song Ibiza Girl (イビサガール), previously announced as their 10th single. Their 2nd album so includes singles Takane no Ringo, Kamonegikkusu, and Bokura no Eureka, plus unreleased songs and new songs featuring new NMB48 members. The album is planned for three editions releasing August 13th 2014 – more early details and PV follow… 

~ Release details and more PVs revealedAlbum Sekai no Chushin wa Osaka ya ~ Namba Jichiku ~

Song Ibiza Girl debuted during the NMB48 Request Hour Set List Best 50 2014 held May 22nd, 2014 at ORIX theater. The song is the first to feature transferred and provisional members Umeda Ayaka, Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48), Fujie Reina, Takayanagi Akane (SKE48), and Murasige Anna (HKT48) along with other NMB48 senbatsu members.

NMB48 announced back on May 22nd 2014 that Ibiza Girl would be released as their 10th single but its unclear now if this will happen (ed. are their handshake event security issues is part of the reason?). The song releases digitally on iTunes starting June 21st 2014.

Most recently idol group NMB48 released 9th single Takane no Ringo (高嶺の林檎) on March 26th 2014. The single included voting card for NMB48 Request Hour Best 50 2014. Single Takane no Ringo sold over 405,000 copies opening week giving the unit another #1 on the Oricon weekly charts and their 2nd best selling single.

Their 2nd album is planned for three editions (details subject to change). The Limited edition DVD(s) are planned to include,

– Ibiza Girl (music video)
– Live theater performances:
    – Koko ni Datte Tenshi wa Iru
    – Idol no Yoake
    – Tadaima Renaichu
NMB48 Request Hour Best 50 2014 (digest, live)
NMB48 feat. Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Vol. 9

More details and pre-order information coming – follow Comtrya Sugoi for updates. Preview music video for Ibiza Girl,




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