Rock band Aqua Timez will be part of a collaboration between the “Naruto” anime series and fashion retailer Uniqlo. Their new song “Mayonaka no Orchestra” will be the theme song of an original animation being given away to buyers of the “Naruto x Uniqlo” T-shirts that go on sale on January 1.

Uniqlo’s T-shirt brand has collaborated with other anime franchises before, including “One Piece,” but these will be the first ones featuring “Naruto.” Out of the 11 different patterns being released in stores nationwide, two were drawn by mangaka Masashi Kishimoto himself, and five were done by Studio Pierrot.

A limited number of people who buy the T-shirts will receive a “NARUTO x UT Original DVD,” containing a newly animated work. A special version of Aqua Timez’s “Mayonaka no Orchestra” (titled “Mayonaka no Orchestra UNIQLO x NARUTO ver.”) will be its theme song. Only 200,000 copies of the DVD are being produced, and they will be available not only in Japan, but also in stores in Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, and France.

“Mayonaka no Orchestra” has also been chosen as the next ending theme of the “Naruto: Shippuden” television series. The song will be released as a single on January 26.

Source – Tokyograph

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