Natsuki Kato, grabbed everyone’s attention when she made an appearance at a press conference for the new Fuji TV drama “Moyashimon,” which airs every Thursday

Based on the popular manga, which has also been made into an anime, “Moyashimon” tells the story of an agricultural university student (D-Boys member Yuichi Nakamura, 22) who can see and communicate with bacteria.


Kato, who plays a sexpot postgraduate student, hit the stage in a white lab coat and black bondage outfit, teasing reporters with racy comments like, “I use a whip like a fingertip.” lol~wth!~

AKB48 member Tomomi Itano, 19, is also set to appear in episode 9

Seriously Natsuki Kato look different with bondage here~!

Source – JapanToday