Eita (27) and Kenichi Matsuyama (25) will co-star as a pair of railroad otaku in a new movie titled “Bokutachi Kyuukou ~A Ressha de Ikou~,” directed by Yoshimitsu Morita (“Kazoku Game,” “Shitsurakuen”).

Morita, who has liked trains since he was a child, has apparently been brewing the script for decades. The story depicts the bond between two railroad enthusiasts who meet while riding the same train.

True to his passion, Morita plans for more than 80 varieties of trains to appear in the film, likely setting a record for a Japanese film. In addition, the characters in the movie have all been given names such as Komachi and Azusa, which are names of existing trains.

The supporting cast includes Keiko Matsuzaka (58) and Shihori Kanjiya (24). Filming wrapped up earlier this week, and the finished work is expected to be released in fall 2011.