Another relationship rumor involving actress Kyoko Fukada (27) has surfaced, this time in the latest issue of Josei Jishin. The magazine reports that her new boyfriend may be actor Maasa Igarashi (25).

According to the magazine, Igarashi has been seen entering and leaving Fukada’s apartment building multiple times. The two have also been separately seen using the same bicycle. However, the photographs in the article do not show the two together.

Igarashi got his start in show business in 2008 and has appeared in a few works up until now. One of his current projects is a supporting role in the upcoming “Paradise Kiss” movie, scheduled for release next spring. (He should not be confused with Shunji Igarashi, who also appears in that movie as a main cast member.)

Previous romance rumors have linked Fukada to many other celebrities, including actor Ryotaro Shimizu (22), with whom she is said to have broken up last month. Although her management office has usually denied such rumors, this time her office declined to comment because it is a private matter.

Source – Tokyograph

Posted by Comtrya Sugoi!