Sankei Sports reports today that G-DRAGON , the leader of Korean group BIG BANG, is in a relationship with ViVi fashion model Kiko Mizuhara . According to several sources, the two met in Japan after BIG BANG’s major label debut last year.

BIG BANG debuted in Korea in 2006, but they just released their first Japanese single in June 2009. Their popularity continued to grow, earning them the title of Best New Artist at last year’s Japan Record Awards. But due to their busy schedules both in Japan and in Korea, it is said that G-DRAGON and Mizuhara have had to deal with a long-distance relationship.

It is not clear how they first met, but it is reported that the other members of BIG BANG and Mizuhara’s modeling friends have known about the relationship for some time.

Mizuhara, who is half-American and half-Korean, was born in Texas but was raised in Kobe. She is making her acting debut later this year in the “Norwegian Wood” movie adaptation.

Source – TokyoGraph

Posted by Comtrya Sugoi!