Yet another big scoop for the well-known tabloid “FRIDAY”. In their newest issue (July 9th) they’ve published a story about actress Kitano Kie (19) staying in a hotel and kissing in public together with young ikemen actor Sano Kazuma (21). Of course they gave us some more or less clear shots of the couple and the kiss to validate the story.

In case you don’t know about Sano, he played the middle school student version of the character Kitamura Daigo in the 2007 drama “Sunadokei” and he will also appear in Hayami Mokomichi’s upcoming drama “Hammer Session”.

The article states that Kitano and Sano met in front of a city hotel around 10pm some time in July. After checking in together, the couple then got into the elevator holding hands. They spent the night together in the hotel and left it at around 11am the next morning. After they continued to walk side-by-side, they embraced and shared a kiss before parting ways again. FRIDAY also published another picture of them together that was taken in June.

The kiss is pretty obvious, so it will be interesting to see how they or their agencies are going to comment about this “rumor.”

Source –KawaiiJoyuu