Miyavi is making a guest appearance on a song by American pop-punk band Good Charlotte, it has been learned. The song is “Like It’s Her Birthday” from the band’s upcoming album “Cardiology,” which goes on sale in Japan on October 27, ahead of the U.S. release. On September 7, the song will be available as a digital single in Japan.

Good Charlotte apparently has a lot of respect for Japan, so they were looking for a cool artist to collaborate with. Their record label’s staff recommended Miyavi after seeing his concert in New York, so the band’s members watched his concert videos and went to a live performance. They decided to go forward with the collaboration, and on August 26, Good Charlotte and Miyavi met in person for the first time in Tokyo.

Miyavi remarked that he was initially offered just to do a solo part, but he ultimately ended up doing the whole song. He also expressed his desire to work with Good Charlotte again, if an opportunity arises.

Source  – TokyoGraph

Posted by Comtrya Sugoi!