Shokotan who queen of blog will appear for the first time on drama. She will play the lead in “Koi no Tadashii Houhou wa Hon ni mo Sekkeizu ni mo Notteinai,” a mobile phone music drama being released through DOR@MO.

The drama is being handled by movie director Tetsuo Shinohara (“Heaven’s Bookstore”). Nakagawa plays a librarian who has trouble connecting with others, but she meets an architect (played by D-BOYS member Hiroki Suzuki) and a slightly strange love story ensues. The drama’s motif is the song “Sen no Kotoba to Futari no Himitsu,” which Nakagawa is releasing as part of a double A-side single on August 18.

The story will last 10 episodes, with the first one being released on August 8. A trailer was already released on Monday.

Source – TokyoGraph

Posted by Comtrya Sugoi!