Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari (27) had caused a traffic accident,small collision between a woman who rides a bicycle on June 4 around half past noon, at an intersection in the Meguro ward. Even though it is reported a minor injuries for the woman, it took a week for her to fully heal her left leg.

Ninomiya is suspected to not paying attention when driving. He had admitted his fault about the accident happened last month.On July 2, it was confirmed that the Meguro police have sent the case to the public prosecutor’s office.
The public prosecutor will decide whether this case is going to be in the court or not.

After Ninomiya’s case, all 5 member of Arashi are advised to not drive by themself for a given time. Matsumoto Jun had once involved in a car accident before around the early January 2010.

Source – TokyoGraph