AKB48 subunit No Sleeves (also known as No3b) has surprised fans by announcing the release of their first full length album on September 15th.  The pop subunit has been together for two years now, with four singles released in that time.  Their 5th single, “Only You,” will come out in August right before the album release and is expected to be included on the album.  The album title has not yet been announced.

Minegishi excited spoke about the upcoming album saying, “Without Haruna and Takahashi this unit would never have been possible!”  When asked about the differences between AKB48 and No Sleeves Takahashi added in that, “Since No Sleeves is just 3 people, I think I get to focus more on my parts.  In AKB48 we have so many people that when we dance it gets a bit frantic.”

Starting on July 5th, No Sleeves will also be starring in a new television drama called “Kotodama no Onnatachi.“  The drama will be downloadable on cell phones with a new episode available every Monday.

No Sleeves is made up of AKB48 members Minegishi Minami, Takahashi Minami, and Kojima Haruna.  They are one of the longest lasting and highest producing AKB subunits and their popularity will surely make this album release a success.