Ueto Aya is Japan’s TV commercial queen for the second straight year, according to media research company Nihon Monitor. Ueto, 25, topped the chart by advertising for 13 companies this year.

Ueto has been involved in a number of campaigns that have run for more than a year, including those for Softbank’s famous Shirato family series in which the paternal figure is played by a white dog, and suit company Aoki. The data suggested that Ueto’s high visibility in commercials has made her a familiar face to most of the nation.

Actresses held all three of the top positions in the ranking with Saki Aibu, 25, second with appearances in ads for 12 companies this year, and Aoi Miyazaki, 25, coming in third with 11. Riding the wave of success that followed the release of their album “Beginner” in November, eight members of pop group AKB48 also ranked highly, including Yuko Oshima, 22, and Atsuko Maeda, 19.

Source – JapanToday

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