Yui Aragaki (22) has announced that she will hold a special 2-day overnight fan club event called “Aragaki Yui to Mahiru no Hoshi wo Miyou” (“Let’s Stargaze at Daytime with Yui Aragaki”). The unique tour-like event will take place on November 27-28 at Lake Shirakaba in the Nagano prefecture.

As the name suggests, the event will include a daytime stargazing activity with Aragaki on the second day, but there are several other activities planned leading up to it, such as a documentary screening, a quiz competition, a “Yui Aragaki museum” featuring special goods, a talk event, and a group picture.

As Aragaki says on the event’s website, “It seems that daytime stars are not something you can see very easily. So that day, you may be able to see them, or maybe not, but first of all, I would like it to be an opportunity for all of you and me to gather and meet.”