5 centimeters crAs a special treat to commemorate Makoto Shinkai‘s guest appearance at the New York Anime Festival, Crunchyroll will stream his award winning works for the next week, Oct 15, 2011 until Oct 22, 2011. Links and show summaries after jump,

5 centimeters

5 Centimeters per Second

Beginning with the lyrical image of cherry blossoms falling at five centimeters a second, Makoto Shinkai paints a breathtaking vivid tableau of young love, desire, loss, and hope. Told in three heartbreaking chapters, we follow the young dreamer Takaki through his life as cruel winters, cold technology, silence, and, finally, adult obligations and responsibility converge to crush the delicate petals of true love.  [Buy at Amazon]

Promised Days

Place Promised In Our Early Days

In school, they were best friends. And they shared two passions: the plane they built together, christened Bela Cielo, and a girl, Sayuri. With a backdrop of international conflict, the three form an indelible bond and it seems nothing can ever come between them and their dream. War esclates. Alliances are changed. Friends become enemies. At the brink of a World War, Sayuri seems to be the key to a new world peace…or a frightening and bitter end to life as we know it.
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voice of distant star

Voices of a Distant Star

It is 2046 when a mysterious alien force begins their annihilation of the human race. Leaving behind the one person she loves, Mikako joins the interstellar battle as a pilot. As Mikako flies further into space, her only connection with Noboru are text messages sent from her mobile phone. And so – while Mikako risks her life to save mankind – Noboru waits. The two lovers, worlds apart, desperately strive to remain connected as the gap between them widens at a frightening pace

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