The charity foundation “SHOW YOUR HEART”, to raise disaster relief funds for the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake, has been organized by GACKT hurriedly after the events of March 11th, 2011.

The foundation is also supported by a lot of artists such as Shinya from LUNA SEA, DAIGO from BREAKERZ, Ni~ya from Nightmare, Tamaki Nami, Haruna Ai, Jinnai Tomonari, and many more…

“It’s a small determination at the beginning, but I believe that it will become greater and greater with everyone’s support. Now the circle is steadily increasing. Anyways, I’d like to borrow everyone’s strength. Although individuals may not be able to do much, if everyone works together, it becomes a lot of power. Especially in this sort of time, we need the courage to lend a helping hand.”

As to Ni~ya from Nightmare, whose hometown was one of the stricken areas, commented: “Miyagi prefecture, my home, has been hit seriously. I’m worried that I can’t contact with my parents and friends right now. I want to go to the there as soon as possible right now. I want to help the victims and contribute my strength. Please cooperate with this charity project.”

Moreover, donations can be made through a direct deposit in Japan right now.

Source – MJP