K-pop group MBLAQ announced details of their second Japanese single to be titled, “Baby U!” and set for released on October 26th. It had previously been stated that their new single would be used as the next opening theme song for Nippon TV’s anime “Beelzebub”.

“Baby U” will be available in four editions: Limited Edition A, B, and C, plus a Regular Edition. The limited versions will each include a different DVD in addition to the included CD. All versions will come with a 12 page booklet and an Event Participation Card.

The collectible card will get holders in to one of 3 release events with the easy to remember name of, “High Five Meeting & Extremely Limited LIVE & Large BINGO Festival!”. The cities of Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo will each host one of the release party festivals.

When asked about their first anime collaboration, the group excitedly replied, “All of the members love Japanese anime, so we’re very happy to be able to be in charge of the opening theme!” …more details on jump

MBLAQ made their Korean debut just about two years ago, and their debut in Japan back in May with the single “Your Luv”.  The single made it to second place on Oricon’s Weekly Single Ranking. The debut garnered popularity and showed the group’s  cool dancing and smooth vocals.

Track list for the Single has yet to be released but here are more details on the release party/festival,

“High Five Meeting & ‘Extremely’ Limited LIVE & Large BINGO Festival!

October 28, 2011: DIAMOND HALL in Nagoya (Opens 4:30PM, Starts 5PM)

October 29, 2011: Osaka Castle Concert Hall in Osaka (Opens 1:30PM, Starts 2PM)

October 30, 2011 Shinkiba STUDIO COAST in Tokyo (Opens 12:30PM, Starts 1PM)

Source: MBLAQ Japanese Official Homepage