OriconA strong month for powerhouses Arashi (#1 single, #7 album), AKB48 (#7 single) and its sister group SKE48 (#2 single) and subgroups Not Yet (#4 single), French Kiss (#5 single), and Johnny’s Entertainment groups Sexy Zone (#3 single) and Kanjani8 (#2 album) on the monthly charts.

KARA – perhaps the hottest female idol group out of Korea these days managed to top the album charts with their release “Super Girl”. Two real ‘super girls’ – YUI was #3 on the album charts and singer/voice actress Nana Mizuki was #6. 

Check out the complete top 10 charts that follow,


Singles for November 2011

Rank Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Arashi Meikyu Love Song Nov 2nd 602,482
2 SKE48 Oki dokie Nov 9th 421,366
3 Sexy Zone Sexy Zone Nov 16th 196,979
4 Not Yet Pera Pera Perao Nov 16th 187,417
5 French Kiss Saisho no Mail Nov 22nd 133,662
6 EXILE Anata e/Ooo Baby Nov 23rd 119,583
7 AKB48 Kaze wa Fuiteiru Oct 26th 108,574
8 Perfume Spice Nov 2nd 87,335
9 2PM Ultra Lover Nov 2nd 84,113
10 Sandaime J Soul Brothers Refrain Nov 2nd 58,989

kara_super_girl_limited_BYUI How Crazy Your Love Limited

Albums for November 2011

Rank Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 KARA Super Girl Nov 23rd 275,206
2 Kanjani 8 FIGHT Nov 16th 274,590
3 YUI How Grazy Your Love Nov 2nd 183,317
4 KinKi Kids K Album Nov 9th 171,351
5 Kubota Toshinobu The BADDEST ~Hit Parade~ Nov 23th 98,165
6 Nana Mizuki  THE MUSEUM II Nov 23rd 82,649
7 Arashi Beautiful World July 6th 70,487
8 T.M.Revolution UTAGE Nov 16th 45,080
9 Che’Nelle Love Songs Nov 9th 34,813
10 Girls Generation The Boys Nov 5th 34,533

Source: Oricon