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Ten new singles have hit the Oricon weekly charts with AKB48 subunit French Kiss in the top spot. More details and preview video of their new single, “Saisho no Mail” were previously posted. Lots of great new singles on the list including in the #5 spot, LiSA and “oath sign” which is also featured as the opening theme for current Fall anime “Fate/Zero.” This is LiSA’s debut single and her previous work includes Girls Dead Monster fictional group from anime “Angel Beats.”

Rounding out the top 10 is another anime related release, supercell’s latest single “My Dearest” featuring new vocalist, Koeda. “My Dearest” is featured as the opening theme for anime “Guilty Crown” and supercell leader ryo is in charge of all music production for this Fall anime.

On the album charts Korean group KARA dominated with their new album “Super Girl” and set a new high sales mark for a non-Japanese female group (topping Girls Generation). Showing strong in #3 is Nana Mizuki’s second best song album, “THE MUSEUM II.”

Complete charts follow after jump.

lisa oath sign_regular

Singles for November 21st – 27th

Rank Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 French Kiss Saisho no Mail Nov 22nd 133,662
2 EXILE Anata e/Ooo Baby Nov 23rd 119,583
3 Golden Bomber Yowasete Mojito Nov 23rd 51,845
4 aiko Zutto Nov 23rd 46,827
5 LiSA oath sign Nov 23rd 44,759
6 Tackey & Tsubasa Heartful Voice Nov 23rd 42,972
7 Momoiro Clover Z Rōdō sanka Nov 23rd 39,976
8 Porno Graffitti Yuki no Iro Nov 23rd 31,656
9 Ikimonogakari Aruite Ikou Nov 23rd 30,844
10 supercell My Dearest Nov 23rd 28,070

nana mizuki museum ii limited

Albums for November 21st – 27th

Rank Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 KARA Super Girl Nov 23rd 275,206
2 Kubota Toshinobu THE BADDEST ~Hit Parade~ Nov 23rd 98,165
3 Nana Mizuki THE MUSEUM II Nov 23rd 82,649
4 Arashi Beautiful World July 6th 65,371
5 Hikawa Kiyoshi Enka Meikyoku Collection Nov 23rd 34,452
6 the HAITUS A World of Pandemonium Nov 23rd 33,214
7 Kanjani 8 FIGHT Nov 16th 21,066
8 Ashida Mana Happy Smile! Nov 23rd 18,960
9 Hexagon All Stars WE LOVE Hexagon 2011 Nov 23rd 17,566
10 NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE Nov 23rd 16,971

Source: Oricon