SKE48 easily took top honors last week on the singles charts with the release of their newest single, “OkiDoki” selling over 380,000 copies. On the album charts, KinKi Kids album “K Album” sold 151,000 copies to land in the top position.

In the other top singles slots – J Soul Brothers (3rd generation) single “Refrain” landing in the number two spot,e Arashi’s single “Meikyu Love Song” released the previous week held strong in the third spot, Kana Nishino newest release “Tatoe Donna ni…” was 5th, and new theme song “CHANGE !!!” for anime “Idolm@ster” sung by the voice cast hit number 6 on the chart.

On the album charts staying strong for the second week YUI slid only one spot into second position with her release “HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE” and Maaya Sakamoto album release “Driving in the silence” landed number 3. For Sakamoto it was her 3rd release in the past 5 weeks having charted with 2 previous single releases..

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Singles for November 7th – 13th

Rank Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 SKE48 Okidoki Nov 9th 382,802
2 J Soul Brothers 3rd gen Refrain Nov 9th 54,816
3 Arashi Meikyu Love Song Nov 2nd 47,563
4 Yusuke Inadzuma samurai’ o rirīsu Nov 9th 46,682
5 Kana Nishino  Tatoe Donna ni… Nov 9th 28,754
6 765PRO Allstars (Idolm@ster anime) CHANGE!!! Nov 9th 23,341
7 AKB48 Kaze wa Fuiteiru Oct 26th 22,079
8 Berryz Kobo  x Cute

Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku

Nov 9th 20,535
9 ViViD FAKE Nov 9th 16,129
10 2PM Ultra Lover Nov 2nd 11,482

Maaya Sakamoto driving in the silence

Albums for November 7th – 13th

Rank Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 KinKi Kids K Album Nov 9th 151,531
1 YUI HOW CRAZY YOUR LOVE Nov 2nd 28,891
3 Maaya Sakamoto Driving in the silence Nov 9th 17,560
4 ShenRu Pang Love Songs July 20th 12,380
5 Base Ball Bear Shin Kokyuu Nov 9th 12,201
6 2AM Saint o’clock ~Japan Special~ Nov 9th 9,565
7 Shota Aoi, Hiro Shimono, Taniyama Kisho

Uta no Prince-sama Debut Unit Drama CD Ai & Natsuki & Syo

Nov 9th 8,582
8 Girls Generation The Boys Oct 26th 8,450
9 TEE Baby I Love You Nov 9nd 7,792
10 Various Artists Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- extend Complete Collection Nov 9nd 7,752

Source: Oricon