samsung wireless monitor c23a750xSamsung’s new “Central Station Monitor” – C23A750X – is a full HD 23” monitor that does not require any cable in order to be used with your PC. A thumb-sized USB transmitter (held by model in photo) connects your laptop or other computer to the C23A750X monitor. The technology is wirelessly transmitting a USB connection, so its possible with the monitor’s built-in USB hub to send the video signal as well as share data and network connections with other connected devices.

The C23A750X monitor specs and features; 23” 1080p HD resolution, USB 3.0 4-ports, HDMI and VGA connections, and a Gigabit Ethernet port built-in. It will also support the USB 3.0 charging function. Its currently list for availability in Korea at around 590,000 Won ($540~).

Official Press Release follows:

Samsung is to launch the Central Station Monitor (model: C23A750X), embodiment of much boosted convenience and connectivity in your PC use, raising prospect that “wire-free” technology will be ubiquitous down the road.

With the introduction of Samsung Central Station Monitor, that popular docking station for laptop computers is likely to cede out its wider presence to this extraordinary technology.

The Central Station allows users to manage a whole range of devices or peripherals with a great deal of ease; it realizes quality display via wireless solution; it comes with USB 3.0 port 10 times as fast as existing ones; dual hinge on it enables you to manipulate the system at your ease.

The Central Station comes with a transmitter that plugs into your laptop’s USB jack. It’s really tiny — about the size of your middle toenail.

It transmits all of the necessary signals to the Central Station: a 1080p high-definition video signal, two-way information on its four USB jacks, an Ethernet network signal and audio from the laptop. Transmitting that much data wirelessly

Thanks to the existence of this USB transmitter, the Central Station works with any laptop on earth, not just Samsung’s. Or it will, anyway.

It comes as little surprise that leading media and industry magazine including the New York Times and LAPTOP gave rave reviews to Samsung Central Station. The Times, for example, applauded the technology by saying “It’s mind-blowing enough just seeing your laptop share its audio, video, network and USB connections with the monitor on your desk. But once you’ve accepted that, even more intriguing setups await.”