Coming Soon! late night music show on TBA has announced their performers for Monday February 20th – SDN48, SCANDAL, Hata Motohiro, V6, and Mano Erina. More details follow,

SDN48 will perform their upcoming and final single release “Makeoshimi Congratulations” and SCANDAL will perform “HARUKAZE” which is set for release on February 22nd and is also featured as the current opening them for anime BLEACH.

Enjoy all the live performances on Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! – TBS TV February 20th, 2012 (Monday) 23:50 to 24:50

SDN48 – “Makeoshimi Congratulations
Single – “Makeoshimi Congratulations
Release date March 7th 2012
Single – “HARUKAZE
Release date February 22th 2012
Hata Motohiro – “Endroll
Single – “Endroll
Release date February 8th 2012
 基本 CMYK
V6 – “Bari Bari BUDDY!
Single – “Bari Bari BUDDY!
Release date February 15th 2012
Mano Erina – “Tasogare Kousaten
Single – “Doki Doki Baby
Release date February 22th 2012

Source: Coming Soon TBS TV Official Website