Promotional campaign for the Japanese release of the classic JAWS movie on Blu-ray, Geneon Universal has made a short video with Danboard – the cardboard robot from the Yotsuba&! manga series by mangaka Kiyohiko Azuma. Danboard or Danbo has perhaps become more recognizable than any of the main Yotsuba&! characters (just Google “Danboard” to see all the fan support). Continue on for what is destine to be a classic CM video.

Geneon Universal previously used Danboard in promotional campaign for its anime Rondo Robe label 20th anniversary. One of those videos, released about 4 months ago featuring 1998 anime Serial Experiments Lain, also follows below.

Mangaka (manga author/illustrator) Kiyohiko Azuma created the ongoing manga Yotsuba&! in 2003 which is produced 11 volumes so far. Azuma’s previous work includes the popular Azumanga Daioh that ran from 1999-2003 with 4 volumes, and produced one 26 episode anime adaption.

The JAWS Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release is part of Universal’s 100th celebration. This special edition is a full digital re-master with 7.1ch DTS sound English and 5.1ch DTS Japanese. It includes 4 hours of bonus video footage of behind the scenes, unreleased scenes, interviews, and a 100-minute documentary.

The Danbo vs JAWS promotional CM video follows below.

JAWS Collectors Edition Blu-ray – release date August 22nd 2012

Blu-ray (¥5000)


Danbo and Rondo Robe 20th anniversary


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