The Taiwanese WEATHER GIRLS have been an Internet sensation since 2010 bring their cute, dancing daily weather forecasts on Taiwanese news network NMA TV and Next TV. They have signed up with PonyCanyon and revealed a new website and a YouTube video giving a hint of their debut single and offshoot footage for a as yet unannounced music video. Their Japanese debut is listed for October 17th! More details, videos, and the weather follows….

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The WEATHER GIRLS deliver each days’ weather speaking their best Japanese (apparently you can only be ☆100% kawaii☆ speaking Japanese) as a voice over with several of the members doing a dance routine. One member is featured each day to deliver the short message as the weather for major cities in Taiwan or the United States flashes by – if you can catch it while checking out the dancing girls.

Hard to describe fully so if you haven’t already seen them check out video at bottom of report.

Via the WEATHER GIRLS official Facebook page they indicated on April this year they are aiming to debut as a 7 member Idol group. They have been actively posting activities in Japan this past month,


The new Japanese website for the WEATHER GIRLS only has a “Coming Soon” teaser splash page and icons that aren’t yet linked. The digest video released by PonyCanyon gives their debut as October 17th with a music video and single.

Check back to Comtrya Sugoi for updates on the WEATHER GIRLS debut in Japan.

WEATHER GIRLS – message for debut in Japanese as Idol group – October 17th 2012


WEATHER GIRLS Todays weather (Next TV)

WEATHER GIRLS Official website Japan