Kana Nishino has released details on her next single “Watashitachi” which is composed by GIORGIO ‘13’ CANCEMI who is singer/producer for NERDHEAD. The title track will be used as the theme song for commercial message (CM) for the “Nissen 2012 Summer” campaign. It will also be featured as the theme song for movie “Girl” debuting May 26th. The single is offered in a Regular CD-only edition and is scheduled for release on May 23rd. More details follow,

Watashitachi” is offered in on CD-only edition with the main song and two coupling songs for three total tracks. First Press version is available and offers bonus of poster and special packaging. The cover art will differ from the First Press and non-First Press versions.

The title song is described as a “Friendship between women, with lyrics that evoke realistic warm memories.”

Kana Nishino – “Watashitachi” – release date May 23rd 2012

Regular [CD] (¥1223)
Regular non-First Press cover


1. Watashitachi
2. Happy Half Year!

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