Topping the singles charts are the boy idols of Kis-My-Ft2 and their 5th single “Ai no Beat” selling a strong 258,000 copies. Their streak of #1 singles continues as all 5 of their releases have charted #1. Also making a strong presence is 2PM with their delayed release “Masquerade” in the #2 spot selling over 130,000 copies. The Korean girls of T-ARA land in the 4th spot with their single “Sexy Love” that is the Japanese version of their hit Korean song.

Just out of the top 10 in the 11th spot is idol group 9nine with their double-a side release “Iiaru! Kyonshi feat. Haohao! Kyonshi Girl / Brave”.

The album charts are topped by another boy idol group, Sexy Zone with their first album “one Sexy Zone”. Landing the in the 2nd spot are the girls of KARA with “GIRLS FOREVER”. The next 3 spots mirror last weeks top 3, just pushed two spots down – double release of greatest hits from R&B singer JUJUBEST STORY ~Life~ and BEST STORY ~Love~, followed by Arashi and their 11th album “Popcorn”.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow.

Singles for November 12th – 18th


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Kis-My-Ft2 Ai no Beat Nov 14th 258,909
2 2PM Masquerade Nov 14th 130,242
3 Sandaime J Soul Brothers Powder Snow Nov 14th 94,762
4 T-ARA Sexy Love Nov 14th 40,835
5 Fairies White Angel Nov 14th 19,303
6 NMB48 Kitagawa Kenji Nov 7th 19,106
7 AKB48 UZA  Oct 31st 18,008
8 Ling tosite sigure Abnormalize Nov 14th 17,219
9 Afiria Saga East SURVIVE!! Nov 14th 16,378
10 Ketsumeishi moyamoya / guruguru Nov 14th 13,400


Albums for November 12th – 18th


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Sexy Zone  One Sexy Zone  Nov 14th 86,451
2 KARA GIRLS FOREVER  Nov 14th 73,224
3 JUJU BEST STORY ~LIFE~ Nov 7th 64,240
4 JUJU BEST STORY ~LOVE~ Nov 7th 55,099
5 Arashi Popcorn Oct 31st 26,174
6 One Direction Take Me Home Nov 14th 26,080
7 BENI Covers:2 Nov 7th 25,811
8 Green Day Dos! Nov 14th 22,531
9 Maaya Sakamoto Single Collection + Mitsubachi Nov 14th 19,654
10 Various Artists The Basketball which Kuroko Plays – Drama Theater 2nd Games Nov 14th 14,865


Source: Oricon