Topping this week’s singles charts is popular AKB48 idol Mayu Watanabe (Mayuyu) and her 3rd solo single “Hikaru mono tachi / Sayonara no Hashi” selling over 91,000 copies. The single’s coupling track “Sayonara no Hashi” is featured as the theme song for anime movie “Nerawareta Gakuen”. Mayu Watanabe is also voicing a lead character Nasuki in the anime movie that opened October 19th.

In the 5th spot is Girls Generation with their 2nd original Japanese single “FLOWER POWER” and in the 6th spot is Eir Aoi with her 3rd single “INNOCENCE” which is featured as the second opening theme for popular anime Sword Art Online.

The complete top 10 single and album charts follow.

Singles for November 19th – 25th


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Mayu Watanabe Hikaru mono tachi Nov 21st 91,907
2 Momoiro Clover Z Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi yo Nov 21st 73,745
3 Generations Brave It Out Nov 21st 71,932
4 SID V.I.P. Nov 21st 34,128
5 Girls Generation FLOWER POWER Nov 21st 29,065
6 Eir Aoi INNOCENCE Nov 21st 24,620
7 Kis-My-Ft2 Ai no Beat Nov 14th 20,453
8 2PM Masquerade Nov 14th 19,481
9 MYNAME What’s Up Nov 21st 19,366
10 SHI-I Dai Gyakuten Nov 21st 18,432


Albums for November 19th – 25th


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Yumi Matsutoya 40 Shunen Kinen Best Album Nov 21st 336,234
2 Miliyah Kato True Lovers Nov 21st 58,866
3 JUJU BEST STORY ~LIFE~ Nov 7th 34,256
4 Led Zeppelin Live in Miracles Nov 21st 33,977
5 JUJU BEST STORY ~LOVE~ Nov 7th 29,291
6 Kiyoshi Hikawa Enka collection 17 Nov 21st 29,003
7 back number blues Nov 21st 26,532
8 Ken Yokoyama Best Wishes Nov 21st 19,304
9 Naoto Otomo Hiroshima Symphony No. 1 July 20 2011 18,879
10 BENI Covers:2 Nov 7th 17,689


Source: Oricon