angela recently announced their 20th single, a double a-side release “ANGEL / Tokumade” with both tracks featured as theme songs for upcoming anime COPPELION. Song “ANGEL” featured as opening theme and song “Tokumade” featured as ending theme. Single “ANGEL / Tokumade” comes on one edition scheduled for release on November 6th 2013. Read on for more details and preview videos for anime COPPELION…

~ PV revealed ~

angela is celebrating their 10th anniversary and most recently released 6th album “ZERO” on April 24th 2013 (more details) . The album includes 5 songs tied to popular anime “K” and song “Boku Janai” featured as the first ending theme for anime Valvrave the Liberator.

Anime COPPELION is adapted from ongoing manga by Tomonori Inoue and is set in a post apocalyptic Tokyo that was devastated by a nuclear power plant meltdown 20 years earlier. The Self-Defense Force has received a possible distress signal from Tokyo and sends in 3 girls, impervious to radiation, members of the special Coppelion unit to investigate.


The anime is produced by GoHands and stars Haruka Tomatsu, Kana Hanazawa, and Satomi Akesaka in the lead rolls. Originally announced back in 2010 but delayed due to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and real-world meltdown at Fukushima nuclear power plant. The current anime adaption is promoted as a reboot of the original manga (ed. perhaps revised due to sensitivity of the real-ongoing issues at Fukushima).

Anime COPPELION is scheduled to air in Japan beginning October 4th 2013 on digital TV BS11. No official announcement yet on availability outside of Japan but there is an official English language website (link below) so the chances are good.

angela’s new single “ANGEL / Tokumade” comes on one CD-only edition. Jacket covers and possible bonuses will be updated when announced.

Watch the trailers for anime COPPELION after the release details.

angelaANGEL / Tokumade – release date November 6th 2013

Regular [CD] (¥1200)

2. Tokumade
3. ANGEL (off vocal)
4. Tokumade (off vocal)




angela official website (Starchild)

COPPELION official website (English)

COPPELION official website (Japanese)