The Macross anime franchise has announced the popular Macross Plus four OVA episodes and Movie edition will release on a remastered HD Limited Pressing Blu-ray. The anime is directed by Shoji Kawamori (Escaflowne, AKB0048) and Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop) with music by Yoko Kanno. The release comes on two Blu-ray disks with both Japanese and English audio tracks as well as English subtitles plus loads of bonuses. The Macross Plus Complete Edition is scheduled to hit stores June 21st 2013 – read on for more details.

The original Macross (Super Dimension Fortress Macross) anime TV series ran 36 episodes in 1982-1983. It was the basis and part of three shows re-cut for North American and used to create the Robotech TV series. The Macross Plus four OVA series released in 1994 and was originally conceived as a movie. A movie version was subsequently released in 1995 with new animation along with parts of the OVA series.

The Macross Plus Complete Limited Pressing includes the four OVA episodes and Movie edition plus staff interviews, commercials, series promotional videos, a Macross Festival trailer, and Macross Plus PlayStation game promotional footage. Added bonuses include special packaging illustrated by Tenjin Hidetaka and character designer Masayuki, a 100-page booklet with series commentary, and 32-page sketch booklet.

The Limited Pressing is available only through December, 2013.

Macross Plus Complete Edition Blu-ray – release date June 21st 2013

Limited Pressing [BD] (¥17000)
1. Episode 1
2. Episode 2
3. Episode 3
4. Episode 4
5. Movie Edition
6. Extras


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