Topping the singles charts for the second week in a row is idol group SKE48 and their 12th single “Utsukushi Inazuma” selling another 94,000 copies (605,000 total). The AKB48 sister group pulls of the rare feat of repeating as #1 (first repeat this year). Popular Korean female group KARA lands in the #2 spot with their 9th Japanese single “Thank You Summer Love”. Another Korean group FTISLAND climbs into the #5 spot with their 11th Japanese single “Shiawase Theory”.

Just out of the top 10 in the #13 spot is Luna Haruna with her 4th single “Ai wo utae” (ED anime Monogatari Series Second Season).

The album charts are topped by group Ikimonogakari with their 6th album “I” selling over 112,000 copies. Close in the #2 spot is Korean group SUPER JUNIOR with their first Japanese album “Hero” selling over 102,000 copies. Landing in the #3 spot is JUNHO (2PM) with solo debut album “Kimi no Koe” with songs written and produced himself.

The complete top 10 singles and album charts follow.

Singles for July 22nd – 28th


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 SKE48 Utsukushi Inazuma July 17th 94,577
2 KARA Thank You Summer Love July 24th 69,416
3 Kobukuro One Song From Two Hearts / Diamond July 24th 63,734
4 GLAY DARK RIVER / Eternally July 24th 42,040
5 FTISLAND Shiawase Theory July 24th 23,833
6 Fairies Hikari no Hate ni July 24th 22,312
7 Sid Samaraba July 24th 18,106
8 BiBi (VA) Cutie Panther (Love Live!! unit single) July 24th 16,618
9 DEEP Starlight July 24th 15,036
10 Linked Horizon Jiyu e no shingeki July 10th 13,922


Albums for July 22nd – 28th


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Ikimonogakari I July 24th 112,082
2 SUPER JUNIOR Hero July 24th 102,224
3 JUNHO (2PM) Kimi no Koe July 24th 61,241
4 Backstreet Boys In a World Like This July 24th 38,106
5 Namie Amuro FEEL July 10th 24,249
6 CreepHyp Fukikoboreru Hodo no Ai, Ai July 24th 24,018
7 Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku Chunin July 24th 20,141
8 U-KISS Inside of Me July 24th 16,073
9 Masashi Sada Appare ~All Time Best ~ June 26th 13,954
10 Sotaisei Riron TOWN AGE July 24th 13,515


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Source: Oricon