Ling tosite sigure (凛として時雨) announced new single Who What Who What with tie-up as the theme song for upcoming anime movie from the PSYCHO-PASS franchise. It’s the band’s 5th single and third featured as a theme song for anime PSYCHO-PASS. Single Who What Who What comes on one Limited Pressing edition hitting stores January 14th 2015 – release details and movie trailer follows.

~ preview music video revealed ~

Band Ling tosite sigure also announced a greatest hits album Best Of Tornado set for simultaneous release with their 5th single on January 14th 2015. More details coming!

Most recently released they released 4th single Enigmatic Feeling on November 5th 2014 featured as the current opening theme for anime PSYCHO-PASS season 2. Previously they released 3rd single abnormalize (2012.11.14) with tie-up as PSYCHO-PASS season 1 first opening theme.

Rock band Ling tosite sigure is lead by TK (Toru Kitajima) providing the vocals and guitar as well as composer, lyrics, and sound engineering. He recently released his second solo album Fantastic Magic (2014.08.27) and first single unravel (2014.07.23) with tie-up as the opening theme for anime Tokyo Ghoul.

Original anime PSYCHO-PASS is currently airing its second season as part of the Fuji TV Noitamina broadcasting slot. The story takes place in the near future where its possible to quantify a person’s state of mind and personality – a person’s “psycho-pass”. The new movie is set 4 years after the events of season 1 when the Japanese government begins exporting the Sibyl System unmanned drone robots to troubled areas throughout the world. One such area, the SEAUn (South East Asia Union), achieves some temporary peace but factions send terrorists to Japan who are able to slip past the Sibyl System and attack. Special police unit officer Tsunemori Akane is dispatched to SEAUn town of Shambala Float to investigate the terrorists and the failure of the system. The shadow of a certain main from the past falls on this incident.


Kana Hanazawa continues in the roll of Tsunemori and the movie premiers at a special event December 19th 2014 and in theaters across Japan January 9th 2015.

Single Who What Who What comes on one Limited Pressing edition available until March 21st 2015.

Movie trailer #2 featuring the theme song Who What Who What after the release details

Ling tosite sigureWho What Who What – release date January 14th 2015

Limited Pressing [CD+DVD] (¥1200)
1. Who What Who What
2. Who What Who What (movie edit)
1. What What Who What (music video)
2. PSYCHO-PASS Sentaku Naki Kofuku teaser movie – abnormalize edit
3. PSYCHO-PASS 2 textless opening animation – Enigmatic Feeling



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