A very full week of new single releases are topped by long-running idol group Morning Musume with their 55th single with triple title songs Egao no Kimi wa Taiyo sa / Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai / What is LOVE selling over 149,000 copies. The group continues a resurgence having again their best opening week seller since 2002 and their best run of #1 single releases since the beginning of the previous decade.  In the #3 spot is longtime pop/R&B singer Namie Amuro with her 42nd single TSUKI.

The anime tied releases are topped by fictional idol group μ’s from anime Love Live! in the #4 spot with single Takaramonozu / Paradise Live featured in their new smartphone game and ClariS with their 9th single CLICK featured as opening theme for anime Nisekoi. Charts expanded to top 21 to cover all the other releases of interest.

Topping the album charts is Korean group 2PM with their 3rd Japanese album GENESIS OF 2PM with over 63,000 copies sold. In the #2 spot are the voice actors for anime Uta no Prince-sama with album from theatrical play Gekidan Shinning Tenka Muteki no Shinobimichi and last weeks topper AKB48 with their 5th original album Tsugi no Ashiato slips down to the #3 spot.

Read on for the complete top 10+ singles and top 10 album charts.

Singles for January 27th -  February 2nd 2014


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Morning Musume Egao no Kimi wa Taiyo sa / Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai / What is LOVE Jan 29th 149,361
2 Kiyoshi Hikawa Otone Nagare Tsuki Jan 29th 46,312
3 Namie Amuro TSUKI Jan 29th 42,021
4 μ’s (Muse) Takaramonozu / Paradise Live Jan 29th 36,925
5 aiko Kimi no Tonari Jan 29th 36,654
6 765PRO Allstarts The Idolm@ster MOVIE Theme Song M@STERPIECE Jan 29th 27,827
7 ClariS CLICK Jan 29th 20,986
8 Baby Rays Love is panic Jan 29th 18,215
9 Leo Ieiri CHOCOLATE Jan 29th 18,047
10 Kamiya Hiroshi START AGAIN Jan 29th 16,669
12 AFTERSCHOOL Shh Jan 29th 16,101
13 Ogura Yui  Charming Do! Jan 29th 12,705
16 Miss Monochrome (Yui Horie) Poker Face Jan 29th 6,598
17 May’n Kyo ni Koiiro  Jan 29th 6,142
19 Aoi Yuki VisuMania  Jan 29th 6,005
21 ZAQ VOICE Jan 29th 5,498


Albums for  January 27th -  February 2nd 2014


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 2PM GENESIS OF 2PM Jan 29th 63,213
2 Various Artists (anime) Uta no Prince-sama Theatrical Play sound track Jan 29th 35,711
3 AKB48 Tsugi no Ashiato Jan 22nd 32,156
4 HoneyWorks Zutto Maekara Sukideshita Jan 29th 18,250
5 Flower Flower Jan 22nd 15,988
6 Aoi Eir  AUBE Jan 29th 14,991
7 Kokumu Kuro to Kage Jan 29th 12,260
8 Bruce Springsteen High Hopes Jan 29th 11,050
9 May’n NEW WORLD Jan 29th 10,721
10 Various Artists 2014 Grammy Nominies Jan 22nd 9,245


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Source: Oricon