NMB48 tops the singles chart with 9th single Takane no Ringo selling over 405,000 copies. Its their 2nd best opening week selling single for the AKB48 sister group. In 2nd spot is J Soul Brothers with single S.A.K.U.R.A. selling over 109,000 copies and in 3rd is last week’s #1 from SKE48 their 14th single Mirai Towa selling another 55,000 copies.

Topping the album chart is Kis-My-Ft2 with a singles compilation album HIT! HIT! HIT! selling over 217,000 copies.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.

Singles for March 24th – 30th 2014


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 NMB48 Takane no Ringo  March 26th 405,579
2 J Soul Brothers  S.A.K.U.R.A. March 26th 109,554
3 SKE48 Mirai Towa March 19th 55,911
4 ikki!!!!!!! Super Express March 26th 32,157
5 THE Possible Yuuki Super Bowl March 26th 25,790
6 BOYFRIEND My Avatar March 26th 23,145
7 PASSPO Perfect Sky March 26th 21,967
8 Naughty!!! X.I.P. March 26th 17,975
9 3 Magesty Royal Trinity March 26th 17,493
10 DREAMS COME TRUE AGAIN March 26th 14,806


Albums for March 24th – 30th 2014


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Kis-My-Ft2 HIT! HIT! HIT! March 26th 217,860
2 back number Love Story March 26th 38,713
3 Unicorn Eager Jake Joro March 26th 35,959
4 Various Artists Anna and the Snow Queen Soundtrack March 12th 31,003
5 MYNAME Five Stars March 26th 30,081
6 May J. Heartful Song Covers March 26th 29,375
7 Various Artists DREAMS COME TRUE 25th Anniversary Best COVERS March 26th 28,949
8 the HIATUS Keeper Of The Flame March 26th 27,181
9 E-girls COLORFUL POP March 19th 25,895
10 Various Artists Final Fantasy: A REALM REBORN (Original Soundtrack) March 26th 21,946


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