HKT48 feat. Kishidan tops the singles chart with single Shekarashika! selling over 280,000 copies. SKE48 unit Love Crescendo lands at #2 with debut single Cup no Naka no Komorebi selling over 181,000 copies.

Anime tied new releases have unit Printemps from Love Live! project at #3 with single WAO-WAO Powerful day!. Cinderella Girls Project (from Idolm@ster) single M@GIC☆ lands at #6.

AKB48 again tops the album charts with singles greatest hits release 0 to 1 no Aida (0と1の間) adding another 42,000 copies (two week total over 667,000 sold). At #2 is Jun.K (from 2PM) with 2nd solo mini-album Love Letter and AI lands at #3 with BEST album commemorating her 15th anniversary.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.

Singles for November 23rd – 29th 2015

Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 HKT48 feat. Kishidan Shekarashika! Nov 25th 280,567
2 Love Crescendo (SKE48) Cup no Naka no Komorebi Nov 25th 181.241
3 Printemps (VA) WAO-WAO Powerful day! Nov 25th 40,107
4 BEAST Saigo no Kitokoto Nov 25th 35,083
5 Lead Yakusoku Nov 25th 32,668
6 Cinderella Girls Project M@GIC☆ Nov 25th 31,621
7 Kiryu / Royz / Codomo Dragon FAMILY PARTY Nov 25th 30,199
8 Ensemble Stars! (VA) Ensemble Stars! Unit Song Vol. 4 Akatsuki Nov 25th 22,280
9 Ensemble Stars! (VA) Ensemble Stars! Unit Song Vol. 3 fine Nov 25th 19,901
10 Dance Earth Party DREAMERS’ PARADISE Nov 25th 18,373
25 ClariS Prism Nov 25th 5,958
27 Yuka Iguchi Little Charm Fang Nov 25th 4,825

Albums for November 23rd – 29th 2015


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 AKB48 o to 1 no Aida Nov 18th 42,268
2 Jun.K (from 2PM) Love Letter Nov 25th 34,237
3 AI THE BEST Nov 25th 24,405
4 Kana Nishino  Secret Collection ~ GREEN ~  Nov 18th 19,672
5 Kana Nishino Secret Collection ~ RED ~  Nov 18th 15,606
6 Arashi  Japonism  Oct 21st 14,475
7 Adele 25 Nov 20th 10,987
8 Beatles 1 Nov 6th 10,962
9 Yumi Yumi 40th Anniversary Best Album Nov 25th 9,195
10 Shibata Jun All Time Request BEST Nov 25th 9,022


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