Sexy Zone tops the singles chart with 11th single Shori no hi Made (勝利の日まで ) selling over 93,000 copies. Landing at #4 is idol unit 9nine with single Ai Ai Ai (愛 愛 愛) – the last single with group center Kawashima Umika.

Oda Kazumasa (小田和正) re-tops the album chart with all-time greatest hits album Ano Hi Ano Toki (あの日あの時). After topping the charts two weeks ago he slipped to #2 last week and has a three week total sales over 250,000. With one of the few album releases this week voice actor Kusuda Aina (楠田亜衣奈) lands at #3 with 2nd album Next Brilliant Wave.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.

Singles for May 2nd – 8th 2016


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Sexy Zone Shori no Hi Made May 3rd 93,741
2 MAG!C PRINCE Spin the Sky May 4th 38,279
3 w-inds. Boom Word Up May 3rd 30,528
4 9nine Ai Ai Ai May 3rd 19,914
5 BiSH DEADMAN May 4th 19,490
6 XOX Ex SUMMER May 3rd 11,869
7 Keyakizaka46  Silent Majority  April 6th 8,798
8 Aqours (Love Live!) Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM April 27th 8,485
9 Nogizaka46 Harujion ga Sakukoro  March 23rd 7,932
10 NMB48 Amagami Hime  April 27th 7,546

Albums for May 2nd – 8th 2016


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Oda Kazumasa Ano Hi Ano Toki April 20th 54,252
2 J Soul Brothers THE JSB LEGACY March 30th 10,582
3 Kusuda Aina Net Brilliant Wave May 3rd 9,304
4 AI THE BEST Nov 25th 2015 7,137
5 2PM GALAXY OF 2PM April 27th 6,649
6 Ikimonogakari Tennen Kinen
Members BEST Selection
March 15th 6,507
7 BTS Kayoneka Young Forever May 8th 6,486
8 Kyosuke Himuro L’EPILOGUE April 13th 6,002
9 Perfume COSMIC EXPLORER April 6th 5,545


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