Kinki Kids top the singles chart with 36th single Bara to Taiyo (薔薇と太陽) selling over 193,000 copies.

Fictional unit Aqours lands at #4 with Aozora Jumping Heart featured as opening theme for anime Love Live! Sunshine!!. Eir Aoi climbs to #9 with single Tsubasa (翼) with tie-up as opening theme for season two of anime The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

Kana Nishino remains on top the albums chart with Just LOVE giving her a two week total over 173,000 copies.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.

Singles for July 18th – 24th 2016


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Kinki Kids Bara to Taiyo July 20th 193,334
2 E-girls E.G.summer RIDER July 20th 59,666
3 Da-iCE Paradive (パラダイブ) July 20th 47,259
4 Aqours (VA) Aozora Jumping Heart July 20th 47,154
5 10-FEET Antenna Last (アンテナラスト) July 20th 29,958
6 BEAST NIGHT (Whole Lotta Lovin July 20th 26,530
7 BEAST DAY (Freaking Cute) July 20th 26,242
8 FuwaFuwa Koi no Lessons July 20th 12,886
9 Eir Aoi Tsubasa July 20th 12,457
10 765PRO ALLSTARS The IdolMaster Platinum Master 000 Happy! July 20th 11,265

Albums for July 18th – 24th 2016


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 Kana Nishino Just LOVE July 13th 47,743
2 JUNHO (from 2PM) DSMN July 20th 45,236
3 A.B.C-Z ABC STAR LINE July 20th 31,614
Watashi dake no Dorikamu
July 7th 15,437
5 Ayaka THIS IS ME ~ Ayaka 10th anniversary BEST~ July 13th 13,249
6 SEVENTEEN FIRST ‘LOVE & LETTER’ April 27th 9,461
7 Walkure (Macros Delta) Walkure Attack! July 6th 8,054
8 VA HiGH & LOW Original BEST Album June 15th 7,826
9 GLIM SPANKY Next One July 20th 6,917
10 Shibasaki Kuo Zoku Kouutau July 20th 6,143
12 ORANGE RANGE EN BAN July 20th 5,262


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