Nogizaka46 tops the singles chart with 14th single Harujion ga Sakukoro (ハルジオンが咲く頃) selling over 746,000. Their 14th single features graduating member Fukagawa Mai as center and outsold all of their previous singles opening week by over 120,000 copies.

KAT-TUN tops the album charts with first greatest hits album – 10th ANNIVERSARY BEST "10Ks!" selling over 167,000 copies. The album most likely marks the last with member Taguchi Junnosuke (30) who announced he was leaving the entertainment industry this spring.

Voice actor Aki Toyosaki lands at #10 with her 3rd album all time Lovin’.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.

Singles for March 21st – 27th 2016


Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 Nogizaka46 Harujion ga Sakukoro March 23rd 749,706
2 Tokyo Performance Doll Gyakko x Raisan March 23rd 39,335
3 GEM Fine! ~fly for the future~ March 23rd 25,558
4 Kobukuro Mirai Dec 16th 2015 21,495
5 Yamauchi Keisuke Ruten no Hatoba March 23rd 19,639
6 LinQ Supreme March 23rd 15,973
7 VA (Mr. Osomatsu) SIX SHAME FACES ~ Konya mo Saiko!!!!!! ~ March 16th 12,584
8 Kis-My-Ft2  Gravity March 16th 12,503
9 AKB48  Kimi wa Melody  March 9th 11,136
10 NIGHTMARE Awakening. March 23rd 10,568

Albums for March 21st – 27th 2016


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1  KAT-TUN 10th ANNIVERSARY BEST 10Ks! March 22nd 167,020
2 Ikimonogakari  Tennen Kinen Members BEST Selection March 15th 48,226
3 Hiroshi Kamiya & Daisuke Ono
(CV: Choromatsu & Junshimatsu)
Osomatsu-san CD Series
Choromatsu & Jyushimatsu "Bar"
March 23rd 31,453
4 Otaki Eiichi DEBUT AGAIN March 21st 20,972
5 Urashima Sakata CRUISE TICKET March 23rd 14,610
6 U-KISS One Shot One Kill March 23rd 12,988
7 Ai★Chu soleil March 23rd 11,034
8 VA The Idolmaster LIVE Theater DREAMERS 06 March 23rd 10,783
9 Ayumi Hamasaki A BEST -15th Anniversary Edition- March 28th 9,413
10 Aki Toyosaki all time Lovin’ March 23rd 7,836


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Source: Oricon