SKE48 tops the singles chart with 19th single Chicken LINE (チキンLINE) selling over 257,000 copies. The single features Matsui Jurina as center and gets tie-up as theme song for anime movie from the PariPara series.

Idol unit Negicco lands at #8 with 18th single Mujun, Hajimemashita. 

J Soul Brothers tops the album charts with 7th original album THE JSB LEGACY selling over 476,000 copies. BABYMETAL lands in #2 with 2nd original album METAL RESISTANCE that was released world-wide on April 1st.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts.

Singles for March 28th – April 3rd 2016

Rank   Group/Artist Single Title Released Sold
1 SKE48 Chicken LINE March 30th 257,095
2 Nogizaka46 Harujion ga Sakukoro March 23rd 22,238
3 VA The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Master 01 Snow Wings March 30th 19,654
4 M!LK Shin Gakki a la Carte March 30th 19,553
5 Mizumori Kaori Echigo Suibara March 29th 15,703
6 Jelno Chozetsu Happy! Generation March 29th 15,350
7 Kobayashi Yutaka Loving Secrets Recipes 5 March 30th 14,551
8 Negicco Mujun, Hajimemashita.  March 29th 13,918
9 Miura Daichi Cry & Fight March 30th 13,320
10 X21 Yokusoku no Oka March 30th 13,017

Albums for March 28th – April 3rd 2016


Rank   Group/Artist Album Title Released Sold
1 J Soul Brothers THE JSB LEGACY March 30th 476,120
3 Ikimonogakari  Tennen Kinen Members BEST Selection March 15th 27,029
4 B.A.P Best.Absolute.Perfect March 30th 24,327
5 iKON WELCOME BACK March 30th 18,556
6  KAT-TUN 10th ANNIVERSARY BEST 10Ks! March 22nd 15,903
7 VA KanColle OST vol. III March 29th 13,591
8 Ferro Men MAGIC MIRROR March 30th 10,272
9 Tanaka Hidekazu The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls OST March 30th 9,988
10 Shimizu Shota PROUD March 30th 9,676


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