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Day Hatenai Sora Notes
1st day 248,828 copies The best first day for Arashi’s single.
2nd day 143,649 copies Troublemaker got 144,343 copies for second day
3rd day 62,418 copies Highest compared to other single; Dear Snow, Love Rainbow, To Be Free, Troublemaker. Troublemaker recorded 60,356 copies.

4th day 38,157 copies Monster and Troublemaker,  both recorded 38,175 and 39,274 copies respectively
5th day 31,527 copies Monster and Troublemaker, both recorded 32,011 and 31,967 copies respectively
6th day 23,115 copies Love Rainbow and Monster,  both recorded 28,630 and 27,246 copies respectively.

Source: arashinojidai.livejournal.com

Arashi’s 34th single, “Hatenai Sora,” is officially confirmed as the top single for this week. The single sold 572,000 copies, surpassing their previous personal record set by their debut song “A-RA-SHI” in 1999 (557,000 copies).

“Hatenai Sora” is the group’s 30th number-one single. The only other artists who have reached that milestone are B’z and Ayumi Hamasaki. Arashi achieved it 11 years after their debut, ahead of B’z (14 and a half years) but slightly behind Hamasaki (10 years).

The song also marks Arashi’s sixth #1 single for the year, setting a new record for male artists. The previous highest was five, set by The Checkers in 1985 and tied by L’Arc~en~Ciel in 1998. However, Arashi is tied with Ayumi Hamasaki among all artists, as she already achieved six in 2001.

Source – Tokyograph

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Arashi will be releasing their 6th single for 2010, “Hatenai Sora(Endless sky)” on November 10th. The new single will also be used as a theme song for upcoming drama “Freeter, ie wo kau” (will start on October 19th) in which one of the members, Ninomiya Kazunari stars in. ”Hatenai Sora” will come as 2 different versions, the track list is not yet fully revealed.

+ DVD (PV of “Hetenai Sora”)1. Hatenai Sora”

2. Unknown (A)

Only CD

1. Hatenai Sora

2. Unknown (B)

3. Unknown (C)

4. Unknown (A)

5. Hatenai Sora – Instrumental

6. Unknown (B) – Instrumental

7. Unknown (C) – Instrumental

8. Unknown (A) – Instrumental

Source – Tokyohive

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