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AKB48 announced their 38th single (untitled) at the end of their Janken Taikai (Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament) held September 18th 2014. The 16 senbatsu members were revealed for the first time with co-centers Watanabe Mayu and Miyawaki Sakura (first time center position). The single comes on 4 pairs of editions scheduled for release on November 26th 2014 – read on for more details….

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Uesaka Sumire revealed details for new single Enma Daio ni Kiite Goran (閻魔大王に訊いてごらん) with tie-up as the ending theme for OAD episodes of anime Hozuki no Reitetsu. Uesake Sumire also continues in the supporting roll of Peach Maki in the dark-comedy anime. Single Enma Daio ni Kiite Goran has music by Iwahashi Seima (岩橋星実) (Elements Garden) and comes on three editions releasing December 10th 2014 – more early details and new anime trailer follow…

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DiVA revealed more details for their last single DISCOVERY - full track list, jacket covers, and more unveiled. All members re-unite for the AKB48 unit’s 4th and final single including: Miyazawa Sae (SNH48/SKE48), Umeda Ayaka (NMB48), Akimoto Sayaka (graduated), Masuda Yuka (graduated). The single comes on four editions hitting stores October 8th 2014 – updated details follow…

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Southern All Stars tops the singles charts with Tokyo VICTORY the theme song for the TBS TV coverage of the 2014 Asian Games. Idol and dance unit E-girls lands in #2 with single Highschool Love and Korean vocal group B1A4 gets #3 with 4th Japanese single SOLO DAY – Japanese ver. -.

Composer and performer SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] (Sawano Hiroyuki) hits #9 with his first single A/Z | aLIEz the ending theme(s) for anime Aldnoah.ZERO.

Mariya Takeuchi tops the album charts with TRAD, her first album in seven years, selling over 118,000 copies. fripSide lands in #3 with infinite synthesis 2 and Sawano Hiroyuki hits the charts again with the original sound track album for anime Aldnoah.ZERO.

Favorite voice actor and singer Minori Chihara gets #9 with her 10th anniversary BEST album SANCTUARY.

Read on for the complete top 10 singles and albums charts…

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AAA is getting ready to release album GOLD SYMPHONY as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations and in conjunction with their current AAA Arena Tour 2014 -Gold Symphony- . Their 9th original album includes singles and coupling tracks, plus new songs and more for 11 total tracks. Album GOLD SYMPHONY comes on three editions releasing October 1st 2014 – all the details and audio preview for new songs follows…

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Aki Toyosaki (豊崎愛生) announced a new single (untitled) – its her 12th single and 3rd of 2014. The single is planned for two editions scheduled for release on November 12th 2014 – read on for more early details…

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FTISLAND revealed more details for upcoming Japanese single To The Light – full track list, jacket covers, and bonuses unveiled. The Korean band’s 14th Japanese single comes on four editions with the Limited’s DVD containing live concert performances from their recently completed ARENA TOUR 2014 – The Passion. Single To The Light hits stores October 15th 2014 – more details follow…

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Nogizaka46 (乃木坂46) revealed the jacket covers, full track list, and music video for new single Nandome no Aozora ka? (何度目の青空か?). Their 10th single also has tie-up as TV CM song for smartphone HTC J butterfly. Single Nandome no Aozora ka? comes on four editions hitting stores October 8th 2014 – details and MV follows…

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ELISA unveiled her new single EONIAN (イオニアン) with tie-up as the theme song for upcoming anime movie Rakuen Tsuiho – Expelled from Paradise (楽園追放). Her 13th single comes on two editions scheduled for release on November 12th 2014. Read on for more details on single EONIAN and anime Expelled from Paradise plus new trailer video.

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NEGOTO (ねごと) is getting ready to release new single Ammonite! / Tasogare no Rhapsody (アンモナイト!/ 黄昏のラプソディ) and revealed preview music video and more bonus details. Its their 9th single overall and comes on two editions releasing September 24th 2014 – PV and details follow…

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Amamiya Sora (雨宮天) announced new single Tsuki Akari (月灯り) with tie-up as then second ending theme for anime Akame ga Kill! (アカメが斬る!). Amamiya Sora also voices lead character Akame in the dark fantasy anime. Her 2nd single Tsuki Akrai comes on three editions scheduled for release on November 19th 2014 – read on for more details…

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