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Korean Artist Releases in Japan


T-ARA added more details for new Japanese album Gossip Girls – jacket covers revealed. The album contains five new songs, two singles, and more for 12 total tracks. Album Gossip Girls comes on three special editions dropping May 14th 2014 – updated release details follow…

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CNBLUE has updated the details for their new Japanese single Truth. – jacket covers and music video unveiled. Their 7th Japanese single comes on four editions hitting stores April 23rd 2014. Read on for updated details and full music video for Truth

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T-ARA has revealed details of their 3rd Japanese album Gossip Girls – track list and additional details unveiled. The album includes their two singles released since their 2nd Japanese album TREASURE BOX (2013.08.07), plus five new songs and more for 12 total tracks. Album Gossip Girls comes on three editions hitting stores May 14th 2014 – more release details follow…

~ jacket covers unveiled ~

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T-ARA has announced a new Japanese album Gossip Girls! Its been less than a year since their 2nd Japanese album TREASURE BOX released on August 7th 2013 and they since released two double a-side singles in Japan. Also announced are events commemorating their 3rd Japanese album release with details coming in a few days. Not many details yet on album Gossip Girls which releases May 14th 2014 – more T-ARA information follows…

~ album details revealed ~

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Korean group B1A4 just released their 2nd Japanese album “2”. The album includes single Ige Musun Iriya – Nande? Doshite?, Japanese versions of previously released Korean songs, and more for 8 total tracks. Album “2” is available on three editions that hit stores March 19th 2014 – full details and TVCM spot follow…

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